Author: orboman

A cold one for JB

I started the weekend watching a movie called "The Siege of Jadotville". Its a good movie, based on a true story and the only Irish lads in battle movie I have ever watched. It kicked off a whole weekend of war documentaries and movies (as an aside, when did the History Channel stop showing any … Continue reading A cold one for JB

Everyone’s a gambler

I am pretty sure of this, so I will try to explain my position. So for a gamble to take place three things must be in place, a stake, an event (or sequence of events) with an uncertain outcome, and a reward or prize. So if you take this to an extreme, pretty much everything … Continue reading Everyone’s a gambler

I don’t like cricket…

..I love it. Ok that's pretty predictable, and for that matter is also true. Now I was born in England, but grew up as a teenager in Ireland. And the thing about my love of cricket is that it's something that I found while growing up in Ireland. Cricket in Ireland now is quite a … Continue reading I don’t like cricket…

€300k on Seven Red

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to play poker. Indeed poker, roman history & Orbo are some of my greatest loves. Now at the same time I HATE gambling and this really does cause many to raise eyebrows. I know quite a few people who I would consider gamblers - to me anyone … Continue reading €300k on Seven Red

Addiction and Columbia….

So nineteen years the lad was born, and he was born a Texan. I am not entirely sure how I feel about that. I grew up watching cowboy movies and as a result I always had this somewhat romantic notion of cowboys, and Texas. The reality of Texas (well Houston anyway) is that I found … Continue reading Addiction and Columbia….

One night in Kharoum

Back in the late nineties myself and Mr. D were on our first major trip together. The mission was to sign up the Sudanese government for the control of the substation network for Khartoum, and make it back for Christmas. Mission accepted. Now Mike organised the travel, part of which was a couple of … Continue reading One night in Kharoum

What would Julius Caesar do?

Ok, I am a HUGE fan of Roman history, indeed one of my personal heroes  is Julius Caesar. Now old JC was a bit of a bastard if you dig into it, I mean just ask the Gauls. But there is always a problem applying modern moral values to historical events. Our moral view of … Continue reading What would Julius Caesar do?