I don’t like cricket…

..I love it. Ok that’s pretty predictable, and for that matter is also true. Now I was born in England, but grew up as a teenager in Ireland. And the thing about my love of cricket is that it’s something that I found while growing up in Ireland. Cricket in Ireland now is quite a big sport and I know a lot of Irish people who love it as well, back in the 80’s this was not really the case.


My love of cricket came from long summer holidays and what I now call the BBC2 sports. I spent many a long summer in Ireland relaxing and watching BBC2, and at the time on offer during the day where the great sports, crown green bowls, darts, snooker and cricket.

To this day I still love all of these great BBC2 sports, today’s generation love reality TV and celebrity, and that’s all about daytime TV and holidays. Fix it BBC, bring back the crown green bowling!


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