I’m supporting Trump

Because he is such a fucking idiot. First, I don’t live in yank land, and I am not a yank, so I don’t have a vote or any influence. But if I did have a vote I would be voting for Trump. I would be voting for Trump because I have to believe that during four years of a Trump presidency the yanks would cop themselves on, fix the system that led to a place where a guy like Trump even had the opportunity to become president.

I am no fan of Clinton, my entire view of the Clinton’s was formed by that great book “Primary Colors” (pretty good movie as well). The thing is that Bill was a likable rouge, there is just nothing about Hillary that I like.

I watched the debate the other night with some amusement, the fact checking and so on. Every one is looking to dig the dirt on the other person, and there has been no ‘knock out’ blow so far. Do I believe that they are corrupt – yep, both, 100%. Power corrupts they say, I would say that its really the pursuit of power that corrupts. The guy from Boston says it all:

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