What would Julius Caesar do?

Ok, I am a HUGE fan of Roman history, indeed one of my personal heroes  is Julius Caesar. Now old JC was a bit of a bastard if you dig into it, I mean just ask the Gauls.

But there is always a problem applying modern moral values to historical events. Our moral view of what is right and wrong tends to be somewhat different than how things would have been viewed in ancient times. So I tend to cut some slack here.

Anyway disregarding a genocide or two, I have always found Julius Caesar to be a fascinating character. The modern world that we live in today is partly defined by the actions of JC over 2000 years ago.

It’s also quite interesting to attempt to adopted the thought process of a man who lived so many generations ago – and it’s rather useful, when under stress, or faced with a difficult decision to ask yourself “what would Julius Caesar do?”

Whatever the answer is, it’s probably correct.

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